- Erasure® is a patented trimmer head that is approved by SMP (Statens Maskinprovning, The Swedish Machinery Testing Institute) according to European standards (CE-marked).

- Drawing on its extensive experience in the field, Flädjemark Sports developed a unique trimmer head: security, cutting capacity and ease of maintenance are now united for the first time.

- Erasure® is a trimmer head that finally solves the problem of  nylon ropes that break when you cut through rough vegetation-  without compromising on safety or capacity.
- Erasure® cuts raspberry bushes without problems, as well as nettles, thistles, small bushes etc., but also easily takes care of grass.
- The wear on the cutting part is low. A cutting part lasts for multiple trimmer tanks of fuel.

- Flädjemark Sports has also paid careful attention to ease of maintenance. In just a few minutes, the cutting part can be exchanged. Erasure® consists of very few moving parts.

- Safety is always the highest priority. Erasure® does not compromise on safety even when getting worn. The cutting part has the same level of safety throughout its life, regardless of how long you run it.
- Flädjemark Sports insists on using material of the highest quality. Erasure® is made of robust materials and has an aluminium trimmer head and steel reinforcement in the cutting part. The weight is nevertheless comparable to that of  plastic trimmer heads.